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About Us

How we got started

At Obsessions Gift Shop, we're committed to offering products and social connections.  We are a mother daughter owned business. Our business supports Autism and is an Autism Friendly Business.​

Obsessions Gift Shop is a for profit and Motivating People through Arts and Crafts, MPAC, is a nonprofit. Obsessions provides handmade products made by Nijah, Betty, and local small businesses as well as art and workshops.   We are personally vested in Autism through personal experience, career experience, and education. 


In 2017 Obsessions Gift Shop formed a group named GPAC, Girl Power Arts and Crafts, due to seeing the need for females on the Autism Spectrum to be able to socialize and develop communication competencies.   The group was developed around experiencing and learning a variety of arts and crafts mediums.  In 2020, we changed the group name from GPAC to MPAC.  We expanded the target audience to include males. MPAC provides workshops, volunteer experiences, and entrepreneurship opportunities to everyone, especially those on the Autism Spectrum, Neurodiverse, and with unique abilities


What started as a hobby has become our passion. by providing jewelry to family, friends, and then the community. We're expanded and are proud to have created products and social connections that we and customers can look forward to continuing the work for years.

Mission:     Provide a community where persons on the Autism Spectrum, Neurodiversity, and unique abilities will develop/enhance social, employment, and entrepreneurship skills that can lead to financial stability and  social competencies.

Vision:         Enhancing friendships/acquaintanceships through arts and crafts with everyone; primarily persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Neurodiverse, and unique abilities.

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