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Mission:    Bringing together the creative works of the community while providing space for creativity and acceptance of all abilities.

Vision:        Providing an enviornment that enhances creativity, mental well being, and inclusion through art and crafts.

More About Us

In 2017, Betty and Nijah, a mother-daughter duo took the leap and turned their jewelry making hobby into a brick-and-mortar business. Obsessions Gift Shop was born out of not only a passion for creativity but also a commitment  to the Autism community.  The shop showcases handmade products created by Betty and Nijah, a variety local artists and small businesses, but also individuals with Autism, Neurodiversity or with unique abilities.  Due to both private and professional experiences, Betty and Nijah are personally vested in Autism advocacy and realized the potential for Obsessions to be more than just a gift shop.

In 2017, Obsessions formed GPAC, Girl Power Arts and Crafts due the lack of outlets for females on the Autism Spectrum to socialize and develop communication competencies. In 2020, GPAC became MPAC, Motivating People through Arts and Crafts to include males. The idea being that having a safe/inclusive space to experience new art forms, learn new skills and create new social connections all individuals, especially those on the spectrum, could enhance confidence and discover new abilities. MPAC offers workshops, volunteering, and entrepenurial opportunities to further empower this mission for everyone.


We treasure the connections we have made throughout the community thus far and look forward to creating many more art projects and connections going forward.

More about us  

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