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Our Team


Our team consists of Nijah and Betty and others who volunteer and intern.  We believe in giving people meaningful experiences and in turn we give to our participants and/or others. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering or interning. 



CEO & Assistant Manager

Nijah is the reason for MPAC and Obsessions.  Nijah is currently in college and is co-owner of Obsessions.  Nijah is a member of MPAC board.  She loves organizing and meeting people.  Nijah has a small business names Beautiful Rose. Beautiful Rose creates gemstone bracelets.  Visit her items in Obsessions Gift Shop.  The goals is for Nijah to take full ownership of Obsessions Gifts and become the Executive Director of MPAC.



CEO and Store Manager

Betty has a Masters degree in Social Work.  Her life and career has been helping families.  She has  worked with a variety of populations and agencies.  Betty spent several years working with families whose children had behavioral challenges and/or were abused or neglected.    She also spent several years working with  Workforce  Development helping youth find a career.  There she worked with pregnant teens.  FSU Autism Institute was the last employment prior to becoming an entrepreneur.  She worked at the Institute for at least 7 years where she worked with children and families; providing resources; strategies; and supports.  She worked with Early Social Interaction and Center for Autism and Related Disabilities.   Betty continues to work with families, children, and teens. 

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