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Take the Leap

Over the past 4 years, wow it has been 4 years. I've learned you have to take leap(s) if you want to complete a goal. One of the hardest things I did was to quit my job and begin a business with my daughter. While I was trying to figure out what to do I was so torn because on the one hand, I was financial stable. On the other hand, I would be going into unknown territory, while trying to support another person (s). Some things that helped me make the decision was God, Nijah, and YOLO. I also looked at it and thought if I didn't take the leap I would not be able to help people.

You will notice when you take the first leap, there will be others that follow. Currently I am making a decision that will cause me to make an even bigger leap. I know this leap will help me to grow but it's still hard. I think about my uncle and how he lived life to the fullest. I want to do the same.

Click here for one of my leaps.

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