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Peace and Balance

Today the words that are coming to mind are peace and balance. Many times we are doing things and letting life rush right by us. I know we have to make a living to provide for ourselves and others. But during the rush of the day... come to a complete stop. Yes, complete stop!!!! Even at your busiest moment, come to a complete stop and take one huge breath in and quickly think of the things that matter the most. Don't get caught up in the thinking of that is my inspiration for working so hard or being so busy. Instead think of the moments that brought/bring you so much joy or love for a person or thing. Think of those moments you spent laughing, skating, talking, walking, being silly, being silent with that person/thing/place. Remember don't go to the thought of, that is my incentive to do what I am doing (rushing or "grinding"). Think of what joy and love that person/thing/place brings...only! Life goes by fast enjoy everything but especially take time to acknowledge and balance your inner peace.

RIP Silver

Love you

#Peace and Balance

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