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The other day I saw this insect on the window. I opened the door to allow it to go out. The insect kept flying to

The insects behavior reminded me of the behaviors I have demonstrated. I’ve done the same thing over and over thinking this time things will change. There’s a quote that says “if you keep doing what you’ve always done; you’ll get what you’ve always got. Many times we think it’ll get better maybe if I try it this way, it’ll get better. Well, many times it doesn’t, it may get a little better, but why settle for a little when God gives us abundance. I consider myself a creative person and I like trying new things. Sometimes I get “stuck” and the stubbornness and even fear makes me resistant to change in a timely manner.

Recently I’ve taken an objective look at my processes and behaviors. It was cathartic and I had to come to some “hard” conclusions. At times it wasn’t easy to admit defeat and being wrong. Then came another hard step...accepting help. Just like that insect accepting help to get out.

Throughout my life I’ve been a “do it yourself” person. My parents taught me independence and making sure you know how to do things with your hands. It’s an amazing feeling to accomplish things in your own! Sometimes... sometimes you are taken to a place where it’s like ok I’m tired of hitting my hand on that heavy piece of furniture that is in the way but you can’t move it alone. Sometimes our need for help can be a blessing to others.

So... now what?! Adapt, change, pivot, accept.... ?Acknowledge and accept help to grow!!! In the next few months adapt, change, pivot, acceptance .... Can’t wait to see the journey!

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