Social Enterprise

Obsessions Gift Shop and Motivating People through Arts and Crafts, MPAC, partner to be a Social Enterprise.  Obsessions has a personal vested interest in Autism.   In 2017 Obsessions Gift Shop formed  a group named GPAC, Girl Power Arts and Crafts, due to seeing the need for females on the Autism Spectrum to be able to socialize and develop communication competencies.   The group was developed around experiencing and learning arts and crafts.  In 2020, we changed the group name from GPAC to MPAC.  We expanded the target audience to include males. We also expanded our art program to include entrepreneurship and volunteer experiences.    In 2021 we began Artcase and 2022 we provided our official Artcase event.  

The purpose of Artcase is to showcase the talents and abilities of persons on the Autism Spectrum and with Communication Disorders.  The vendors consist of persons on the Autism Spectrum and Communication Disorders.  Vendors create art and  handmade products.  Vendors can sell or display their products and art.  The next Artcase is April 2023.

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