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We love creating and have items you can buy

Our shop consists of local businesses and potential entrepreneurs.  The shop features persons who are on the Autism Spectrum, Neurodiverse, persons with unique abilities and persons who are not.  Our products are handcrafted/handmade.


How we started

I began making jewelry as Christmas gifts for my siblings.  I wanted to give them a gift that was not commercialized.  My favorite materials to use were wood, wire, and metal.  They loved it and others saw the jewelry I made and they loved it.  I began selling it to others and then started selling products at Frenchtown Marketplace.    We then obtained a shop at Railroad Square in 2017 in the House of Plywood.  We moved to our current location in (636-6 Railroad Square) 2020. 

I started Obsessions for a couple of reasons.  One of the major reasons was to spend more time with my daughter and to help her gain financial stability.  The other reason was to make an impact with youth, especially those on the Autism Spectrum, Neurodiverse, and with unique abilities.  To give the mindset of achieving goals; being role models, and showing others their importance in society. 


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